"EOS Robustness"

Driven by the desire to avoid damage due to electrical overstress (EOS), there are often calls for products with increased or improved "EOS robustness". Unfortunately, it is repeatedly forgotten, that electrical overstress is not a stress type but a violation of the absolute maximum ratings (AMR) of a product. However, it is actually the purpose of the AMR of a product to prevent that product from being damaged. Consequently, the term "EOS robustness" joins two contradictory terms (oxymoron). It suggests, there could be products, that survive a violation of their AMR unscathed. However, no product can actually be expected to survive the violation of its AMR unscathed. Therefore, there is no "EOS robustness".

Quite the contrary, in order to avoid EOS-induced damage of a product, it is mandatory to read the AMR of the product and to avoid a violation of its AMR under any circumstances.